In the year 1988 under the name
"Döner Burger "in Wuppertal we sarted our family business, founded already at that time set the goal to always give quality, taste and satisfaction of our customers the highest priority to the market to survive.
This strategy proved to be correct over the years, so we adapted the company structure and operating since 1999 as
"Akgün Doner Essen & Trinken" Centrally located in Wuppertal our services.

Since 1988, it is our endeavor to convince them with our entire range, from our own production quality, and provide outstanding service.
Here, playing our selected, the individual specialty oriented and qualified personnel a very special role.

1988 – 1999 Döner Burger at Bromberger Str. 17 in Wuppertal
1999 – today Akgün Döner Essen & Trinken at Alte Freiheit 20 (Döppersberg) in Wuppertal